Photography dedicated to the sea,  to all ocean enthusiasts and to all the amazing people and companies out there that help protect and restore our oceans.
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The OCEAN GALLERY temporarily transforms a vacant retail space into a vibrant and inspiring space to inspire people to protect the oceans. Thus, for a short time, a special photo gallery enriches Stuttgart’s city center. The works of Stuttgart-based photographer Julia Ochs capture the many facets, colors and shapes of our oceans. Her photographs impressively document fascinating water textures, breathtaking landscapes and the diverse beauty of the oceans. With the concept of the OCEAN GALLERY, the ocean photographer creates a connection between art and activism.

The pop-up gallery allows visitors to experience the beauty of the oceans through fascinating photographs. It takes visitors on a visual journey along the coasts and deep into the vastness of the oceans. At the same time, the gallery has an ambitious goal: to raise awareness for the urgent need to protect the oceans and actively support various marine conservation projects financially through the sale of the artworks.

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