Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Capturing the Rip Curl Pro 2013 in Peniche was one of the most exciting experience for me starting out in Photography.

In 2013 Portugal was the place I called home. It was more then a place to live. Beautiful people, amazing landscape and on top of that it was surfing heaven. While working for a surf camp teaching Yoga, I used to take a lot of photographs of surfers at the local breaks. One day I got a call from a portuguese online surf magazine, asking me if i would like to capture the Rip Curl Pro Event in Peniche. I couldn’t believe what I heard. They wanted be to take surfing shots of the  

 most successful surfers in the world: Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Jordy Smiths and my all time favorite surfer Taj Burrow. I drove down there and the moment I got the press pass in my hands I started to believe that this was actually happening. Standing on the beach, next to all those professional photographers with their enormous lenses, made me think. And that’s when it happened. I was never going to let go again of the camera in my hands.