Visuals from the sea

Thanks to StadtPalais - Museum für Stuttgart I could showcase some of my latest work.  This year I got the chance to exhibit my photograph series VISUALS FROM THE SEA at "StadtPalais - Museum

Made in Stuggi

Recently I was taking part in a wonderful local fair: Made in Stuggi - Stuttgart for Stuttgart. Numerous exhibitors from a wide variety of industries were showcasing their exciting, high-quality and innovative

Stuttgart am Meer

This summer something pretty awesome is happening in my hometown Stuttgart. The Stadtmuseum came up with an incredibly unique concept. "Stuttgart am Meer" - Ocean vibes in middle of a throbbing city.

Spiegel Online Feature

This year I was lucky enough to have some of my work featured on Spiegel Online. During my month in New Zealand at the beginning of the year I met

OUT. Visuals from Venturing

Being part of the photo exhibition, 'OUT. Visuals from Venturing' for me was something huge. The event was hosted by FifteenSixteen in partnership with Pally'Hi in Nürnberg. Pally'Hi, a brand known for performance oriented outdoor

Interview with Surfbunker

I am honored to have my work and interview featured on Surf Bunker.  "On one such unspecial day I was lucky enough to be introduced to a photographer called Julia

In the water

During my latest trip to Portugal a dream of mine finally came true. Shooting in the water with my DSLR and a proper waterhousing has always been on my wishlist

Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Capturing the Rip Curl Pro 2013 in Peniche was one of the most exciting experience for me starting out in Photography. In 2013 Portugal was the place I called home. It